The last day in which Romania pleads its case against Ukraine in the International Court of Justice is dedicated tom proving that Ukraine's activities in the disputed area are irrelevant in the delimitation of the continental platform. Romania will also present its delimitation solution, showing that its version will not produce unjust effects to any of the parties involved.

Daniel Müller opens with the first speech of the day, discussing the jurisprudence that proves that the activities launched by Ukraine - such as leasing areas in the Serpent Island, patrolling or exploiting resources - have no relevance in the way the continental platform should be delimitated.

His speech is doubled by the one held by the Romanian co-agent, Cosmin Dinescu, who shows that all activities in the area were begun after the dispute with Romania started, therefore can not be considered as an argument.

In the second part of the session, professors James Crawford and Vaughan Lowe will make the most important point in the lawsuit, presenting the official delimitation suggestion of Romania.