Economy Ministry officials are currently filling out, at the European Commission's request, four reports regarding the functioning of the operational programs, Economy Ministry state secretary Eugen Teodorovici declared for Teodorovici added that the process is a consultative one and the Commission's approval of the programs is expected in November.

Until now, Teodorovici declared, the Commission offered the state 1 billion euro as an advance for the structural funds. In order to receive the rest of the money and start paying off people, the Brussels executive needs to approve the audit reports on the implementation system of the programs.

Teodorovici declared that five reports were initially submitted in July. Thus, he added that for the Technical Assistance Program, Bucharest authorities received the approval but for all others, more information was solicited. By October, the final additions will be submitted, the official declared.

The four reports refer to the Regional Operational Program, Increasing Economic Competitiveness, Transports Operational Program and the Environment Operational Program. Moreover, Romanian officials must submit another two audit reports on the Human Resources Development and the Development of the Administrative Capability.