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Romania's solution for the continental plateau is decent, moderate and does not breach Ukraine's rights

de A.C.
Marţi, 16 septembrie 2008, 15:03 English | Top News

Pretentiile Romaniei si Ucrainei
Foto: Hotnews
Romania's proposal on the continental plateau delimitation dispute with Ukraine is decent, moderate and does not breach Ukraine's rights, Romania's agent at the Court of Justice in Hague Bogdan Aurescu declared in his closing statements.

He declared that the delineation put forward by Romania is based on the current geographical location of the area and does not breach the rights of other states in the area. He declared that the border should be drawn through the general accepted method set up by the Court.

This method does not need to take into account the Serpent's Island, Aurescu declared. In his opinion, Ukraine's attempts to change the natural characteristics of the location have no solid ground.

In his conclusion, Aurescu quoted famous Romanian diplomat Nicolae Titulescu who defined the state's sovereignty as being delineated by an international servitude in favor of peace and international law.

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