Alice Draghici, lawyer of renowned doctor Serban Bradisteanu and also a member of the National Integrity Council (CNI), is accused by one of the inspectors in the National Integrity Agency (ANI) of attempting to block the file in which Bradisteanu is accused of accepting bribe. The National Integrity Council is the institution enabled by the Romanian Senate with the right to survey the ANI activity. Serban Bradisteanu, a former Social-Democrat Senator, is accused of receiving bribes worth some 4 million Euros from two companies, in exchange for winning public procurement bids.

ANI inspector Ana Luisa Badiu says that Alice Draghici visited her in the office, asking for the investigation against Bradisteanu to be ceased. "I came here to inform you that the verification of the wealth of mister Bradisteanu must stop", Draghici allegedly said. At that moment, the discussion was interrupted by the ANI secretary general, Horia Georgescu. Georgescu claims that he was also threatened by Draghici: when he asked her what quality she adopts in the file, since there may be a conflict of interests, Draghici replied that she will take all the necessary steps to have both Georgescu and the ANI president, Alexandru Macovei, dismissed from the office.

Alice Draghici replies that the ANI investigation, which is a disciplinary procedure, must be stopped until the criminal case receives a final solution. Draghici admits attempting to obtain data about Georgescu from his previous employer, the National Anti-Graft Prosecution Office (DNA), but claims that her actions came only to prevent the breaking of the law, since "Georgescu's attitude seemed not only inappropriate, but also against the law", as Draghici explained.

"I recommended Mr. Horia Georgescu to respect the law so that he wouldn't get harmed and I asked him to be very careful about the way he organizes the public procurement bud for an IT system for ANI. I found out from several journalists that he intends to offer the contract preferentially", said Draghici.

A formal complaint was submitted against Alice Draghici. CNI decided to notify the Senate on the incident, while ANI sources declared for that a note will be also forwarded to the Prosecution Office in the High Court of Justice and Causation.

The CNI session on Monday was monitored by representatives of the European Commission, the US and the UK embassies in Bucharest.