Young Romanians admire TV stars and fringe politicians, find no model within the ranks of their own generation and would vote for Liberals and Democratic Liberals in the upcoming elections, according to a new study delivered by the Euro<26 Association and the Center of Resources for Students and Youths.

According to the study, young Romanians place family as the most important value, get information from the Internet, have money issues, like Romanian banks such as the Romanian Commercial Bank and Transylvania Bank

When asked about public people they admire, some 43% did not answer. From those who did, most said they liked TV star Mihaela Radulescu, followed by another TV star, Mircea Badea. President Basescu comes third.

Their models also include controversial personalities such as businessman Silviu Prigoana, TV star Dan Diaconescu, political starlet Elena Udrea and TV star Oana Zavoranu.