Romania, in 30 years from now, will still be a corrupt country, with youngsters who do not marry, but sign partnerships without obligations, any type of cancer will be curable and children read from the age of 3. These are the results of a poll ordered by Reader’s Digest, with the theme "How Romanians see their country in 30 years".

In brief:

- Corruption will still exist in the political environment - 73%;

- Romania will be a country of old people, because the youngsters fled to richer countries - 51%;

- Romanians who left to work in Spain, Italy, Canada and others will return home - 51%;

- All vehicles will use alternative fuels - 43%;

- More Romanians will go to church - 51%;

- Children will read and start using a computer at the age of 3 - 55%;

- There will be a cure for every type of cancer - 50%.