In three years time Romanians will be better off living in their home country rather than living in Spain, Romania President Traian Basescu declared this weekend in an official visit in Alcala de Henares, Spain in the presence of some 2,500 Romanians. The President attended the first congress of Romanians living in Europe, US and Canada.

Basescu added that in Romania there would be plenty of well paid jobs available. Moreover, he underlined that Romania registered the highest development level in the Union this year and its growth would continue in the years to come.

Basescu thus invited all Romanians living abroad to return in their home country and he promised that the Romanian government would be more responsible in attaining its promises. Plus, he did not miss the opportunity to reassure them that he would press the government to come up with better solutions in dealing with Romanians living abroad. Basescu declared that after the upcoming general elections, he would clean up Romanian consulates of the government's influence.