Romanians found abroad on November 30, when the Parliamentary elections will be held, will be able to vote in 221 constituencies across the world only if they reside in the country they are at the moment. In order to grant more access to constituencies, the Foreign Affairs Ministry supplemented by 79 the available constituencies and will send some 620,000 ballots.

For the first time, the government created a special constituency, no. 43 to manage the elections at the level of the local constituencies for Romanians residing abroad. Those wishing to vote must prove their status by showing their valid IDs. Romanian diplomatic missions will identify the necessary documents for every country and will publish the information in due time.

Those residing in a foreign country will be able to vote in the 221 constituencies organized by the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Ministry officials underline that those citizens with temporary IDs will not be able to vote.

Foreign constituencies were supplemented at every elections held, be that a referendum or the European elections. As compared to 2004, on November 30, Romanians will have more constituencies to choose from. Most of them will be open in the US and in Spain and Italy where the Romanian communities are very big.