Romania's President Traian Basescu accuses the Superior Council of Magistracy of blocking the activity of the National Integrity Agency after SCM president Lidia Barbulescu declared in an interview for local daily newspaper Cotidianul that public servants do not necessarily need to publish their wealth details.

A press release of the Presidency informs that the President took note of Lidia's Barbulescu's intention of demanding the Constitutional Court to rule whether the publication of the wealth details is constitutional or not.

The press release adds that the Superior Council of Magistracy should, according tot the latest EC report, do everything in its power to increase the transparency and effciency of the judicial system and not hinder its improvement.

Moreover, the press release ends accusing Lidia Barbulescu of trying to counteract the efficiency and goals of the National Integrity Agency and not supporting it in fulfilling the recommendations of the European Commission.