Spain hosts a significant Romanian community but the Madrid government imposed a moratorium that limits the access of Romanians on the labor market. The moratorium will be re-evaluated in 2009 but the document is considered by the Spanish a way to maintain social peace. In an interview for, Spanish Ambassador to Romania, Juan Pablo Garcia Berdoy talks about the problems Romanians face in Spain and what are the best solutions to deal with them.

Ambassador Berdoy declared that the best way Romanians could avoid disappointments when reaching Spain is to leave with a working contract rather than expect to find work when they get there.

Romanians working in the Spanish constructions sector have maybe the same opportunities in their own country, Ambassador Berdoy says. He said that he knew that this particular sector in Romania seeks qualified personnel.

Another important point raised by Ambassador Juan Pablo Garcia Berdoy is that Spanish investors are very interested in investing in the banking sector, as Spain is the third country to export capital in the world. Ambassador Berdoy declared that the only thing that keeps investors away for the moment is the financial crisis.