Deputies voted today, with 205 votes for, 5 abstains and none against a draft law on hunting, at the initiative of 1 Liberal and 4 Social Democrat Deputies. The project looks a lot like a previous one, that was rejected and which allowed hunting in natural reservations but it offered compensation for damages produced. The new initiative is different than the previous one only in its registration number. The old project was rejected by the President and sent for re-examination on grounds that Romania risks to be sued by the Commission for breaching EU law. The new project awaits promulgation to enter into force.

One of the initiators of the project, Liberal Gheorghe Gabor declared that hunters are allowed in natural reservations but they cannot hunt in restricted areas. Moreover they have specific times when they can vote and what.

Initiators argue that this is a good law, improved from its first edition. The new law stirred up plenty of protests from ecological organizations.