Deputies passed today a report of the Judicial Committee that eliminates a series of the controversial modifications initially proposed. However, the report still maintains a series of articles that diminish the power of the prosecutors. Thus, prosecutors cannot temporarily intercept possible felons nor can they use the lawyer-client phone call interceptions even though the evidence shows that they both committed something illegal. Justice Ministry officials declared that they are concerned about the vote cast and that this will attract even more criticism from the Union.

Deputies ruled that evidence obtained from illegal methods are not accepted in the court. A report set up by the Romanian Academic Society, shows that before this report to pass, judges were allowed to accept evidence even if it breached some minor regulations.

However, now, that's impossible and, experts quoted by the organization say that any trial will be postponed endlessly by invoking this new law. What's more those evidence will void any other due to the illegal character of the former.

The Ministry of Justice published today a press release announcing that an official letter was sent to both Speakers of the Parliament in which they underline the major negative consequences the new ammendments can have upon the Penal Procedure Code.