"I would like to convince you, with all my responsibility as a president, that the Romanian banking system is solid, thanks to the policies adopted by the Central Bank. However, as solid as it is, it is currently in a difficult international environment and must be treated with prudence. Lack of prudence in our Government and Parliament may bring the crisis in our home", said president Traian Basescu.

In his opinion, the "competition" between the Government and the Parliament determined the depreciation of the national currency. "These structures mistook the state budget with the electoral campaign budget", said Basescu.

In brief:

- The teachers, the retired elders and the 530,000 Romanians that have credits over 20,000 Euros will be the most affected;

- "The solution I suggest means responsibility. A Government with 20% support can not assume obligations for the next Government";

- We have minimal chances to be affected by the crisis in case we act responsibly and prudent;

- "As a personal observation: our true problem in this moment in the relation between the Government and the labor unions is not the wage of professors, is the lack of a law regulating the wages in the entire public sector";

- "Wages in the state agencies are the image of greed and callousness, The Government tolerates the situation in order to satisfy its political clients".