Romania's former President, Ion Iliescu will not be investigated for the miner's outbreak in 1990, Romanian news television Realitatea TV informs. In the file, Iliescu was investigated for the death of four people and the injury of other three in June 13 and 14, 1990.

Prosecutors decided that Iliescu will not be investigated as the elements that make up the fellonies he was accused of are not met, a press release of the institution reads. Initially, the military prosecutors instrumenting the case established that Ion Iliescu is the one to blame for shooting the protesters but the Constitutional Court ruled last year that this file is not to be judged by the military court.

Thus prosecutors were compelled to re-investigate the file and the solution they found is that Iliescu should not be investigated for the crimes accused. At his turn, Iliescu delcared that he is not to blame in the miner's outbreak, since the only persons to blame are those who rebelled against the institutions of the state, NewsIn informs.

Iliescu declared that the court took a fair decision, and underlined the fact that he was elected by 85% of the population at the time - thus representing the nation's interests. He added that it is outrageous that a president should be made responsible for such rebellions.