After a chaotic vote of 300 bills in the last weeks, parliamentarians get ready to enter their electoral holidays. The House of Deputies passed an internal regulation, ruling that all deputies should leave in the regions they represent without establishing when they will come back. However, Senators decided to work only 2 days/week until October 31 and dedicate the rest of the week to local visits.

Some 90% of the Parliamentarian run for a new mandate and the state will pay, in November some 6.67 million Ron for both Senators and Deputies involved in the electoral campaign. The Senate's Vice President Doru Ion Taracila declared that senators wanted to be transparent about their whereabouts and decided, officially to work only 2 days/week.

Thus, in the upcoming weeks, all parliamentarians will be visiting their local constituencies. Nonetheless, until December parliamentarians will receive their full salaries. Namely, a deputy and a senator receive a salary of 6,343 Ron while the Speakers 7,997 Ron, Vice Presidents 7,366 Ron and Secretaries 6,932 Ron.

However, parliamentarians also receive a financial support for their work in the local constituency, which amounts to 9,514 Ron/month. All this for 1 month and a half of parliamentary works in the fall session and another in the summer. Between February and June 2008, parliamentarians had six weeks off, and with the NATO Summit, another two free weeks.