Former president Ion Iliescu was found innocent in the criminal file investigating the violent repression against anti-Communist demonstrators on June 13, 1990. At that time, the miners from the Valea Jiului province were called upon by Iliescu to "clear the traffic in Bucharest downtown" and the confrontation between them and the demonstrators ended in a bloodbath. Prosecutors found that Iliescu's orders referred strictly to the University Plaza, while the victims of the repression were killed almost 200 meters away.

Four people were killed on June 13, 1990, and other three were injured during the events. The street riot continued for two more days, but the events are investigated in another file.

Prosecutors claim that the victims, found on Victoriei Street and in front of the Interior Ministry, have nothing to do with Iliescu’s orders.

Even more, the same prosecutors say the decision to open fire against demonstrators was a "personal initiative" of the military personnel at the scene.