The draft welfare budget for next year does not contain a 50% salary increase in the budgetary sector, that would lead to an increase of the average salary to 2.500 Romanian Ron and average pensions of 1,200 Ron, Labor minister Mariana Campeanu declared, quoted by news agency NewsIn. The government talks in its Wednesday session next year's budget and the welfare budget.

The Finance Ministry estimates for 2009, an economic growth of 6% and a budgetary deficit of 2% of the GDP. With a plus of 40 billion Ron as compared to 2008, next year's budget revenues w illl exceed 224 billion Romanian Ron.

According to the draft budget, the biggest percents will be allocated to the education, transports and health sectors. Thus, the Finance minister proposes 6% of the GDP for education, 4.5% for transports and 3.9% for the health sector.

Important sums will be allocated to national defense that will receive 3.3 Romanian Ron of GDP while agriculture will get 2.9%. An important percent of the GDP, some 11.3% will go to social insurance and assistance, monitoring agency Rador informs.

After its approval in the government, the budget daft will be forwarded to the Parliament to establish the final terms. However, considering the length of the discussions, most probably the new budget will be voted by the new members of the Parliament, elected on November 30.

UPDATE In its Wednesday meeting, the government approved the draft welfare budget for 2009 but decided to postpone the approval of the 2009 budget.