The message we sent back in the 1990s is the same as the one today: democracy is about the rule of the people for the people, US Ambassador to Bucharest Nicholas Taubman declared in his speech marking the end of his mandate on Thursday. The diplomat declared that the fight against corruption was not a personal crusade lead by him but a priority for the US government and presidency, EU and UN leadership.

The Ambassador referred to the critical remarks he made along his mandate years and said that all his actions were aimed to help a friend.

The leadership of the diplomatic mission will be taken over by the deputy Ambassador, Jerry Guthrie Corn. The US president will appoint a new Ambassador by March 2009, the latest.

Ambassador Taubman's speech highlighted the main cooperation links among the two countries, adding the Romania proved to be a sound partner and friend for the US in the last three years. Taubman added that the NATO Summit in Bucharest proved that Romania can comply to standards and further develop.

However, Taubman did not miss the chance to underline the problems that still need to be addressed by the Romanian government. Taubman declared that a rule in the interests of the people would mean

  • access to education
  • infrastructure development to push for economic development
  • an effecting health care system
  • a government to cater the needs of its citizens
  • policies to attract back Romanians living abroad
  • respect for the rule of law