"An unsustainable growth of the teachers' wages will harm all employees in Romania. Such a measure would be catastrophic for the economy", said the Romanian PM, Calin Popescu Tariceanu. The statement cane a few hours after president Traian Basescu promulgated the controversial law that increases the teachers' salaries by 50%.

Tariceanu's statements, in brief:

- Romania is in front of decisive decision for its future. We can choose the way of prosperity and economic growth or we can choose the path of irresponsible raises and left-wing policies that will bring Romania to its knees;

- I know how much the teachers work and therefore I took steps for their salaries' growth through the past five years;

- President Basescu said a week ago that the crisis will not spare us, unless we are prudent. And we already expect a decrease of investments;

- I am sorry to see the president endorsing an economic growth which he knows that it is not sustainable;

- I call the president and the unions to prove responsibility;

- We can not accept the wage growth for teachers without expecting pressure from all other budgetary fields;

- The stock market was deeply affected by these measures;

- The National Liberal Party will not accept the sacrificing of the Romanian economy, which is - at this point - dynamic and stable.

The head of Government let the audience understand that he will oppose the applying of the controversial law, yet he failed to explain how he could do this.