Before the US elections, American officials promise Romanians free entry in the States, Financial Times informs. US homeland security secretary Michael Chertoff declared, before a European tour in the EU countries recently included in the Visa Waiver program, that in the couple of months, other states, including Romania will be invited to join. However, the US administration is just about to stir direction towards the Democrats, who oppose such policies.

Chertoff declared that in the next couple of months countries like Romania, Poland, Malta and Bulgaria will join the Visa Waiver program. Nonetheless, tensions rise between EU and American leaders due to the Visa Waiver program and the refusal of US officials to include all EU member states.

The promise comes as a surprise since elections are imminent and surveys reveal that Democrats could win all power seats. Financial Times analysts emphasize that Chertoff's declaration needs to be approached with caution because Democrats are most likely to win the Congress as well, on November 4.

On the other hand, US Ambassador to Bucharest, Nicholas Taubman announced last week that in November, Romania and the US will sign an agreement on the main collaboration means to strengthen bilateral security measures for international flights and enforce Visa Waiver requirements.