Romanian president Traian Basescu urges House of Deputies speaker Bogdan Olteanu to send the law increasing teachers wages for publication in the Official Journal. A press release of the presidency reads that Bogdan Olteanu has previously postponed the publication of several other laws. Therefore, the president urges him to send the law immediately.

Bogdan Olteanu declared on Monday, for Romanian news agency NewsIn that the law ruling a 50% increase in teachers' salaries was already sent to the Official Journal and would be published on Tuesday, the latest.

At his turn, the government published the letters Romanian President Basescu sent to the chancellery, underlying the possible impact of such a law. In those letters, the President concludes that such a law cannot be supported financially.

However, publicly, President Basescu supported the law and declared that the government lies when it declared that Romania's economy cannot support it economically.