Trade unions will block the budgetary system through a general strike before elections, union leader Marius Nistor declared. He added that the union's federation launched a national referendum to determine whether they will have general support for the strike, Romanian news televisions announce.

The Spiru Haret union launches, on Monday, a general strike. The Sanitas Federation will organize a protest where some 10,000 people will take part, on November 10 - 11 and on the 13, Sed Lex launches a general strike. On the 20, the entire budgetary system will be blocked, union leader Marius Petcu declared.

Trade unions are ready to cooperate and press the government to increase teachers' salary. The three trade unions, Sanitas, Spiru Haret and Sed Lex met on Wednesday in a crisis committee to discuss the possible strategies.

The government decided on Tuesday to postpone the 50% teachers' salary increase passed in the Parliament and promulgated by the President until as late as April 1, 2009. PM Tariceanu declared that such a problem will only be resolved by dialogue not by strikes.