Romulus Mailat, an ethnic Gypsy of Romanian origin, was sentenced to 29 years in Italy on Wednesday for mugging and murdering Italian citizen Giovanna Reggiani a year ago. Mailat will also have to pay moral damages amounting to 500,000 euro.

Mailat's Attorney Piero Piccinini declared after the sentence was read that he would appeal because the sentence was not fair and there is not enough evidence to incriminate Mailat. Mailat will be imprisoned in Italy and will be expelled to Romania after completing his sentence.

The sentence might be reduced to half if Mailat proves a good conduct while in prison. According to the Italian law, for every 6 months of good conduct, the punishment will reduce by 40 days.

This morning, Piero Piccinini, Mailat's attorney presented his closing statement, pleading for Mailat's innocence. He urged jury members to absolve his client because there was not enough evidence to prove that he is the murderer.

Mailat addressed the jury and the judge, pleading for his innocence. He declared that he did not kill Reggiani, but he stole her purse, and he is guilty for that.