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Barack Obama delivered his first speech as US President-elect: we cannot accept the Wall Street luxury if ordinary people suffer

de A.C.
Miercuri, 5 noiembrie 2008, 11:06 English | Top News

Barack Obama delivered his first speech as US President elect in Chicago where thousands of supporters cheered his victory. Obama, accompanied by his wife, Michelle and his two daughters, declared that his victory proved that in America, everything is possible. Obama swept away not only the victory but also the hearts of the majority of Americans. 

Some of the most important points made by Obama:
  • today, America can change
  • I congratulate Senator John McCain, he is an extraordinary man who sacrificed a lot for America
  • I thank Joe Biden, the new US Vice-President
  • I thank my best friend, the first lady, my wife, Michelle
  • Above all, I thank you as this victory would have never been possible without you
  • There's an important financial crisis that we need to address immediately
  • I promise you that together we will deal with all problems. Maybe not in an year, not in a mandate, but we will solve them
  • YES, WE CAN - the expression used by Obama to define the US power to redress becomes an incantation in Chicago 

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