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Romanian girl describes on her blog how she campaigned for Obama

de A.C.
Miercuri, 5 noiembrie 2008, 11:53 English | Top News

Several Romanians living in the US talk about their experiences as volunteers for this year's US Presidential elections. Ana Maria sustains Obama on her blog because he inspires her and so does Flavius Terbea.On the other hand, Marius Mina supports McCain on his blog, applauding his responsible character.  

Ana Maria lives in Chicago and writes that she signed up as a volunteer for Obama's team in February when he announced his candidacy. However, it was only a month ago that she was called to help out with the campaign. Ana Maria helped out with their door to door campaigning in Wisconsin, together with other 'granola/hippies, students, weirdos and yoga style girls'. Ana Maria adds that all leaflets were targeted for the people she was about to talk to over there and that only a third of them actually opened their doors.

Flavius Terbea lives in Virginia and came to support Obama even though, in his opinion, McCain's only problems are that he is too old and follows the Bush's legacy. Initially, he did not thought well of Obama either, but finally, he decided: he confesses on his blog that he considered Obama a media product but that he will sustain his candidacy.

Valy Cofaru is even less decided: he attempts to draw some conclusions from the information he gets in the mass media about the two candidates: McCain will continue Bush's policies and chose as Vice President a farmer's girl from Alaska while Obama knows how to sweep away the audience and promises immigrants a better life.

On the other side of the political spectrum is Marius Mina, who supports McCain because Obama is boring for some, disgusting for others. He points to some inconsistencies in Obama's past that do not fall under the same principles he stands for in the campaign. About McCain, he says he is responsible and a straight shooter.

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