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Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu: increasing teachers' wages by 50% will bring about an economic crisis

de A.C.
Luni, 10 noiembrie 2008, 14:22 English | Top News

Increasing teachers' wages by 50% will attract the world economic crisis in Romania, PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu declared, urging unions to negotiate with the government and be open to compromise otherwise, they will imperil Romania's future. Tariceanu urged teachers not to give in to the Social Democratic electoral promises and be rational.

The PM underlined that union leaders need to understand that the economic crisis affecting Europe will be felt in Romania unless prudent economic policies are undertaken. Tariceanu declared that even though the professors will have their 50% salary increase, a bread will cost at least 5 times more thus the increase will not be felt. He added that the government is ready to increase teachers' salaries but gradually over the years.

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