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Symantec: Romania holds 13% of IT servers used in online underground economy worldwide

de A.C.
Luni, 24 noiembrie 2008, 18:54 English | Top News

Romania hosts 13% of the total IT servers used in the world for online fraud and is exceeded only by the US with 41% of the servers, a Symantec study on the online underground economy and frauds shows. Romania has the biggest online fraud tradition and this is facilitated by the lack of employment opportunities that could determine many specialists to do illegal acts, the study shows.

Romania is already known for its cybercrimes, Symantec experts read, and due to the slow economic growth, the employment opportunity dropped a lot. Romania has an established IT tradition but fraud and corruption cases are a serious problem and cybercrimes are connected with both.

The Report on the Underground Economy reads that the great number of servers allocated for the underground economy can be explained by the fact that those stealing information prefer to create their own servers to sell the information retrieved.

Symantec notes that the rate of internet fraud in Romania is worrisome when considering that there are 2.25 million broadband users while in the US there are 75 million users and the online servers involved in cybercrimes is just three times bigger.

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