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Susanne Kastner: Romanian MPs adopted a voting system that I fail to understand

de A.C.
Luni, 24 noiembrie 2008, 19:29 English | Top News

Susanne Kastener, Vice President of the German Bundestag accused the Romanian political class of adopting a voting system that she does not understand: while in Romania, in September, I had a meeting with leaders of all Parliamentarian groups and none of them was able to explain in detail the way the new voting system functions, Kastner declared for Deutsche Welle.

She declared that the new voting system is so complicated, especially if the designated candidate does not receive the 50% +1 votes because finally, arbitrary decisions could be taken, which voters will not be able to understand.

 In her opinion, citizens will not be able to understand the new system. Moreover, she reiterated the corruption accusations against Romanian politicians. She thus urged officials to take action against a phenomenon that became a systemic one.

Kastner declared that in Romania the judiciary must offer citizens an example and not protect Parliamentarians. A law should be enacted that would rule on the immunity of Parliamentarians and on high corruption cases.

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