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President Traian Basescu: the global economic crisis affects Romania but there are solutions to diminish its economic effects

de A.C.
Luni, 24 noiembrie 2008, 21:07 English | Top News

It would be unjustified that in a time like this, when the effects of the global economic crisis start to be felt in Romania, the President not to intervene in the public debate, Romanian President Basescu declared today in a press conference. The conference was organized after the President visited several companies across Romania. He added that experts estimate that investments will collapse but he underlined that this is unlikely to happen after what he witness in the country.

Here are some of the most important declarations the President made:

  • I saw that my visit to various companies raised some controversy
  • I am not campaigning: it would have been unjustified not to take a public stand in a moment like this when the effects of the global economic crisis start to be felt in Romania
  • problems raised by businessmen relate to fiscal problems and various other laws
  • I will continue to visit as many companies as I can until the new government will be assigned so I can offer an accurate and complete portfolio, comprising my opinions to make sure that the government's program is as pragmatic as it can be to support the economy
  • I have identified three types of problems:
1. internal and external markets diminished due to a decrease in demands
2. financing production: even those companies that have orders have problems to finance the production
3. unskilled personnel: lack of proper qualification of people, which is a problem in all countries

  • the government needs to take up measures to capitalize banks in order to finance societies with a longer production cycle
  • as long as companies have contracts, we need to support them to keep the work force and fulfill production requests
  • concerning the Education sector: young employees are unable to adapt to the work sector
  • the professional training schemes need to be adapted to the needs of the Romanian society
  • there are rumors about a collapse of investments: I do not believe it will happen
  • In a critical situation, it is suitable for the government to take useful and practical measures
  • the economic crisis affects Romania but there are instruments to help us diminish its effects
  • we need an efficient administration and government
  • we need to de-regulate all the excessive bureaucracy and control the results
  • one of the objectives I have in the relation with the next Prime Minister is to continue the reform in the administration and to reform the education and the health systems
  • there are money to launch programs that would involve jobs
  • we have money to develop but we have no right to shut down reform programs for Romania, under the excuse of the global economic crisis
  • I still believe in the market economy and I cannot believe those pointing to the advantages of a state economy
  • the Moody's forecast: it is the best estimation ever made by a financial company
  • Moody's did not decrease the rating of the economy
  • Moody's warns us that if we maintain public spending at the same level we will reach a very high deficit and we will enter in a recession
  • I do not plan to propose a Prime Minister that is independent
  • The profile of the ideal Prime Minister: to respect the constitution, consult the parties and I will not hesitate to make my opinion public

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