Romania is in good hands, leaders of the European Popular Party, Joseph Daul and Wilfried Martens believe, after the official results of the November 30 general elections were presented and Democrat Liberals and Hungarian Democrats, associated to the EPP, secured an important position in the Romanian future Parliament.

The results of the elections proves the capacity of our parties to gain the trust of the Romanians - the Democrat Liberals obtained the greatest number of mandates and the Hungarian Democrats managed to maintain the same stand for the minority it represents, a press release of the EPP remitted to reads. The press release adds that this is an important proof that Romanians wish to be represented by politicians who want to transform the EU membership in an important successful policy.

The message, signed by the EPP - DE leader, Joseph Daul and by the EPP leader Wilfried Martens shows that they are anxiously waiting for a good government that will be able to counter the effects of the financial crisis.