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2008 Romanian Parliamentary elections toll

de A.C.
Miercuri, 3 decembrie 2008, 16:57 English | Top News summarizes the most important results of the Parliamentary elections in November 30, 2008, outlining some of the unintended consequences such as the extremes of the mandate redistribution system or who are the celebrities winning a seat in the Parliament this year.

  • Number of mandates obtained by parties: Chamber of Deputies PD-L-115 , PSD-PC - 114, PN - 65, UDMR-22; Senate: PD-L-51, PSD-PC-49, PNL-28, UDMR-9. Total number of Parliamentarians for each party (Senate and Chamber of Deputies): PD-L-166, PSD-163, PNL-93, UDMR-31
  • Elections results, cast votes and percentages. Chamber of Deputies: PSD+PC 2.279.449 (33,09%), PDL 2.228.860 (32,36), PNL 1.279.063 (18,57%) and UDMR 425.008 (6,17%). Senate: PSD+PC2.325.968 (34,16%) , PDL 2.312.358 (33,57%) , PNL 1.291.029 (18,74%), and UDMR 440.449 (6,39%)
  • 90 candidates will enter the Parliament after winning 50%+1 of the votes.
  • 18 Parliamentarians will represent the 18 national minorities present in Romania.
  • The total number of cast votes: Chamber of Deputies: 6858439; Senate: 6877987.
  • National turnout: 39.26%; in rural areas: 44.24%, in urban areas: 35.63%. Greatest turnout per county: Teleorman with 52.68%, lowest turnout: Timis with 31.57%
  • Number of candidates at the Parliamentary elections: 2,965 candidates: 2,070 for the Chamber of Deputies and 895 for the Senate
  • Number of unused votes within the redistribution process: Chamber of Deputies: 1.390.104, Senate: 3.329.815
  • Some 18,104 constituencies were set up for these elections, of which 221 were organized abroad
  • Some 50,000 police representatives were dispatched
  • Some 90,000 stamps were made, 42.8 million vote bulletins of which 1.2 million sent abroad.
  • 315 uninominal colleges were delineated for Deputies and 137 colleges for Senators
  • Number of votes cast abroad: Chamber of Deputies: 20527, Senate 20722

Interesting events:

  • Losers of the elections: parties: Greater Romania Party and the New Generation Party; Politicians: Corneliu Vadim Tudor, Adrian Paunescu, Paul Pacuraru. Celebrities: Luminita Anghel, Florin Calinescu, Gigi Becali
  • Celebrities in the Parliament: Mircea Diaconu for the Liberal Party (actor)
  • Ministers who gained a mandate: Ludovic Orban (Transports), Cristian Adomnitei (Education), Tudor Chiuariu (former Justice), Teodor Melescanu (Defense), Varujan Vosganian (Economy) etc.
  • Special case: Justice minister Catalin Predoiu lost in Buzau in front of PSD candidate Marian Ghiveciu, currently investigated by anti-graft prosecutors for real estate business irregularities.
  • Liberal Virgil Pop gained a Deputy mandate, after the redistribution process but currently he is under arrest after anti-graft prosecutors launched an investigation against him. Pop was arrested two weeks ago, during the electoral campaign
  • Hungarian Democrat candidate Koto Iosif won a mandate, after being voted by 34 persons.
  • PM Tariceanu had a close shot to lose the mandate in the Parliament after he was advanced by another Liberal colleague.
  • Dozens of other candidates who were classed on the first places did not receive a place in the Parliament due to the redistribution process.

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