The 2003 Constitutional revision was a natural step, and it must certainly not be seen as an isolated and difficult procedure to be repeated in the future, Romanian President Traian Basescu declared, in a speech marking 17 years since the first post-revolutionary constitution was adopted.

Basescu added that the Constitution reflects not only the interests of the political class but also those of the whole society. In his opinion, the modification of the Constitution requires intense debate which presumes negotiations between academia and research representatives, independent from political influences.

Basescu said that the fundamental state law needs to reflect the needs of the present times and of the future. Moreover, he declared that each state has the constitution that fits best. Basescu assured the Constitutional Court judges that he will protect the fundamental values of the state and be loyal to the institutions protecting these values.

He reiterated his support for Romania's reforms in consolidating the rule of law and democratic development.