The Sanitary Veterinary Direction (DSVSA) in Cluj, Central Romania issued an alert in 24 counties across the country where several tones of contaminated Irish pork meat were distributed in the last months by a company in Cluj, Romanian news agency NewsIn informs.

It seems that the meat have reached Arges, Gorj, Vaslui, Alba, Cluj, Caras Severin, Dambovita, Maramures, Timis, Olt, Bistrita Nasaud, Prahova, Teleorman, Satu Mare, Bacau and Braila. DSVSA director Sandea Iacob declared that there were some 40 tons of contaminated Irish pork meat brought in Romania by a local company.

He added that there was no way to know that the pork meat was contaminated because due to the intra-communitarian trade, tests are conducted on an arbitrary basis. Authorities in Bucharest declared that there were some 130 tons of contaminated meat that entered Romania: 40 were discovered in Cluj, central Romania, 79 in counties across Prahova, South Romania and another 20 tons in Bucharest.

Officials warn citizens who bought meat pork in Ilfov, Buzau and Olt need to through out the meat, as it might be infected with dioxin. However, the meat has been processed and thus the meat has been distributed nationally.