Former Social Democratic President Ion Iliescu was attacked by revolutionaries while he was attending, on Sunday, the festivities celebrating Romania's revolutionary heroes back in 1989 in Bucharest. Spirits fired up as Ion Iliescu was about the start his speech. Ion Iliescu was attacked against, on Monday morning, at the ceremony celebrating 19 years since the 1989 revolution.

On Sunday, as Iliescu was about to talk to the crowds, former revolutionaries and relatives of the victims threw with coins and even intended to throw eggs at the former President, whom they hold guilty for the 1989 events, Romanian news television Realitatea TV informs. The former president managed to escape only with the help of his bodyguards. He was supposed to attend another event in Bucharest but he gave up after the incidents.

On Monday, Iliescu was attacked again, when several witnesses, quoted by Antena 3, declared that an old man, aged 78, took Iliescu in his arms and tried to pull him down. Bodyguards, however, denied that the old man came that close to Iliescu.

The old man accused the president of being guilty of the death of two of his children who were killed during the revolution. Iliescu's reaction was just as aggressive, declaring that they have to be ignored, as they are insane.

UPDATE: readers plan to pay the fine of the old man that attacked Iliescu. His name is Constantin Georgescu, he is 78 years old and will receive a 200 Romanian Ron fine. readers decided, on the forum, to pay the fine for the old man, and the fine's receipt to read "paid by the Romanian people".