The future government will be an anti crisis one but it will not limited to the crisis, Romania's new Prime Minister Emil Boc declared, in his speech presenting the governance program in the Parliament.

Here are some of the most important declarations:

  • i am here to earn your confidene not only for the future executive but also to offer stability for the country, in a difficult moment
  • the crisis affected Romania: starting October, budget revenues decrease by 10% each month
  • there are multiple situations in which salaries, pensions, allocations were not paid
  • unemployment rates increase almost each day
  • it is a historic moment, where left and right are obliged to offer stability to the political life
  • it is clear that the two parties, Democrat Liberals and Social Democrats have and will have different voters
  • in Romania, there is one people, the Romanian pwoplw, able to reunite their forces to overcome a difficult situation
  • the economic situation pressures to trust the free economy principle and the social intervention of the state
  • the government will not hesitate to take harsh measures but will not sacrifice social policies
  • the crisis is not an excuse to stop reforms
  • our mandate is to rezolve the crisis and continue reforms
  • we will need to do what we are obliged to, not what we like