Most European governments started considering alternatives to the Russian gas resources, due to the Russian - Ukrainian crisis recently unfolding, a Stratfor analysis reads, quoted by Mediafax. The analysis agency proposes four options for Europe to fain energy independence from Russia: Poseidon pipeline, nuclear energy, liquefied natural gas plants and the Nabucco pipeline.

  • Poseidon pipeline: is a submarine pipeline with an annual capacity of 8 to 10 million cubic meters that will tie Greece of Italy through the Adriatic Sea. Poseidon will link with the pipeline that goes from Greece to Turkey. Once activated, the line will offer Italy the possibility to distribute gas to the Middle East and to the Caspian Sea countries. Poseidon is due by the end of 2009.
  • Nuclear Energy: a great part of Europe (except France) ignored the nuclear energy option: the two states that joined EU in 2004 were obliged to negotiate the closure of some of their reactors. The most affected countries affected by the Russian - Ukrainian crisis consist of some that joined the Union in 2004. The Bulgarian government plans to open talks about a possible reopening of the Kozlodui nuclear plant.
  • Liquefied natural gas: this is a version of the natural gas resource that can be transported after freezing. Production plans are, however hard to build and very expensive even though, on the long term, the liquefied natural gas is cheap and efficient. Currently, Greece owns such a plant and Croatia plans to build one at Krk with works planned to start by the end of 2009. The Krk plan will cover 10 million cubic meters of natural gas and will cost about 1 million American dollars.
  • Nabucco pipeline: The Russian Ukrainian crisis might revive this project, even if the pipeline is subject to talks for about 10 years now. The main problem with Nabucco is that it is not clear who will deliver natural gas. Among the candidates are Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, Qatar and Egypt. However, the project, even though rushed, will take some 5 years to be finished.