Romanian President Traian Basescu was called by his Bulgarian counterpart, Gheorghi Parvanov who asked Romania to transport, for free, the gas Bulgaria will receive from Ukraine, the Bulgarian Focus News agency informs quoting a press release of the Bulgarian presidency.

According to NewsIn, Parvanov talked on the phone with President Basescu about the effects of the gas crisis over the economies of the two countries. Referring to Ukraine's decision to deliver in Bulgaria natural gas from its own resources, Parvanov asked whether Romania would ensure a free transit for the natural gas coming from Ukraine, if needed.

On the other hand, Basescu declared that Romania will transport the natural gas to Bulgaria as soon as it reaches Issacea, the entry point. Basescu declared that Romania is ready to deliver some alternatives to natural gas if needed.

Ukraine announced on Saturday that it would deliver daily natural gas from its own reserves to Bulgaria and Republic of Moldova, two of the countries most affected by the natural gas crisis. The Ukrainian newspapers read that Romania is ready to transport, free of charge, natural gas to Bulgaria.

However, Romania's gas transporter, Transgaz declared that it did not receive any request regarding the possible transit.