The Romanian movie, Pescuit Sportiv (Hooked) directed by Adrian Sitaru obtained on Sunday an award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival at the New Voices/ New Visions Award, the official website of the festival informs.

According to the jury, the award was offered based on the extraordinary power and the unity of the main characters to portray some fascinating characters that outlined a pure talent for a well written script and a superb mise en scene.

The category presents 12 movies of young directors and are selected to present the best works of less famous directors. This year, 208 movies of 73 countries were present at the Festival including 50 of the 67 movies proposed for the 2009 Oscars.

The movie follows sequences from the file of a couple at odds, who ends up in a critical situation after injuring a young girl. The two decide to hide the accident and give up any principles. The main actors are: Ioana Flora, Adrian Titieni, Maria Dinulescu and Catalin Ungureanu.