Romania's new Interior minister, Social Democrat member Liviu Dragnea officially takes over his seat on Wednesday. The ceremony is also the first official meeting with state secretaries and chiefs within the ministry.

Dan Nica, former minister declared the main priorities of the ministry schoul be education and people's security. He added that the new minister needs to resolve the fake drivers license ids that threatens the safety of the citizens.

At his turn, Dragnea declared that his main objective is decentralization assumed together with the Presidency. Dragnea added themes as the importance of education and the safety of the citizens among his top priorities in this mandate.

PSD leader Mircea Geoana, present at the ceremony did not miss the opportunity to underline that the Interior ministry nominations will stop with Dragnea. He declared that Dragnea will not have any political influence from his party, that he is a part of the government and a professional who will do their job.