A Romanian beggar raped and robbed a British young girl to get to jail and be able to learn English. At least, this is what Ali Majlat, aged 35, declared for the jail's psychologist, Telegraph.co.uk reads. Majlat was freed from a Romanian prison where he was jailed for robbery, several months because leaving for Great Britain.

The victim, a 21 year old British girl, waiting for the train in Wakefield Kirkgate Station, West Yorkshire was beaten by Majlat. However, the girl managed to escape but Majlat caught her and raped her and stole her phone and purse. The event took place in October 2008.

Majlat declared that the committed this felony so he could get in jail where he would receive food, a place to sleep and he could also learn English. The Romania, arrested a couple of days after the incident admitted his guilt.

Judge McCallum urged the prosecutors to investigate Majlat's deeds in Romania as well and declared that he might ask for a life imprisonment punishment in April, when the next trial is scheduled.