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Romanian President Traian Basescu: I do not plead for salaries to freeze, I plead to offer unions an understanding of the current economic situation in Romania

de A.C.
Miercuri, 28 ianuarie 2009, 16:51 English | Top News

Romanian President Traian Basescu declared after the meeting government and union leaders at the Finance ministry on Wednesday that he did not plead for salaries to freeze but he wanted to present union leaders with the economic situation Romania faces. The President declared that on Thursday a final report on the global financial growth will reveal worse numbers than in October.

The President was attending a meeting with union leaders and was to meet other representatives at 6:30 pm.

Some of the most important declarations of the President:
  • Europe is affected by the economic crisis which reduced exports in Romania and caused high unemployment rates
  • A new financial evaluation will reveal that the crisis is deepening globally, affecting Europe
  • The government plans to attract European financial resources and find resources to cover investment projects that would help the economy
  • I came here to present the current economic reality in Romania and stress that a final decision on the budget can only be taken after talks with the government and union leaders.

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