The European Commission launched the infringement procedure against Romania for breaching the EU Treaty in the privatisation of electricity operator Electrica Moldova. According to Romanian news agency NewsIn, the EC launched its first stage of the procedure: the formal notification letter.

Electrica Moldova was privatised in April 2005, when German company E.ON Energie bought the majority stake for 100 million euro. E.ON also bought gas distributor Distrigaz Nord through another company of the group, E.ON Ruhrgas.

Since the beginning of 2009, the two companies formed following the privatization, E.ON Gaz Romania Holding and E.ON Energie Romania united into a single company - E.ON Romania.

The European Commission had initiated on Thursday the second phase of the infringement procedure against 20 member states including Romania, which have not applied the European directive on energy efficiency into their own legislation.

Also on Thursday, the European Commission announced it launched an infringement procedure against Romania because of massive interference with the independence of the national telecom regulator.