The judicial committee voted on Wednesday against the investigation of Adrian Nastase, in the high corruption cases Tamara and Zambaccian 2 with 10 votes against (from the Social Democratic Party and the national minorities representative) and 9 against from the Democrat Liberal camp.

At the time of the vote, Liberal and Hungarian Democrat members were not present in the room. The vote that decided the outcome was cast by Mircea Grosaru, representative of the Italian community.

Social Democrats refused to vote against Nastase and declared that the evidence in the two files were declared nul and void by the Court of Justice. However, Democrat Liberals contradicted them, arguing that the evidence is valid as initial acts and that a penal investigation can be allowed.

The case fueled up the first major scandal between the two governing parties, Social Democrats and Democrat Liberals. The Social Democratic Party accuse the Judicial Committee president Daniel Buda of abuse in function because he did not offered the committee the chance to vote whether the Permanent Office should send the files back at the General Prosecutor.