Romanian President Traian Basescu said on Wednesday that he was one of the country's politicians who believe Romania will need to take foreign loans, especially from the European Union. Following arrangements between the European Commission and the IMF, "the IMF will probably have to join this game", he said.

Basescu made the statement at the ceremony where a new Interior minister, Dan Nica, was sworn in.

President Basescu also touched a series of other issues such as alleged outside influences on the current government and alleged attempts by media groups to discredit state authorities.

The President's ideas in short:

  • He demanded the government to no longer name controversial people as state secretaries based on the influence of powerful people from outside the political stage
  • He said that the level of electricity production trading in Romania remains a "great mystery" and that he wanted things made clear about "smart guys in the energy sector"
  • The state budget should be divided fairly and not according to the political color of mayors and county council presidents
  • The Government should bring light into a political dispute related to concessions of deposits on Romania's Black Sea continental plateau
  • Romania will need foreign loans
  • Some large media groups are discrediting state authorities