Liberal Party president Calin Popescu Tariceanu, former prime minister of Romania, declared on Wednesday that he submitted an file against PM Emil Boc in the Sterling case. Liberal Party representative, former Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu, quoted by Romanian news agency NewsIn, declared that moral damages claimed by Tariceanu amount to 100,000 RON for both Emil Boc and Iulian Iancu, another governmental official who made a series of accusations regarding Tariceanu's alleged involvement in a series of decisions related to exploitation of resources at the Black Sea - the so called Sterling case.

Chiuariu declared that the papers were submitted on Monday, for both Emil Boc and Iulian Iancu, President of the Industries Committee. Tariceanu declared on February 11 that he was determined to take the case to court due to the number of lies about him made by the two.

PM Boc accused Tariceanu of instrumenting the Sterling case, and preparing an emergency ordinance in 2007 that allowed the transformation of a Black Sea exploration contract into a concession contract and announced that the ordinance could be rejected in the Parliament.