A Boeing 737-800, belonging to the Turkish Airlines, crashed in Amsterdam on Wednesday, while attempting to land on the Schipol International Airport, CNN Turkey informs. The plane carried 135 passengers. While Reuters reported that at least one died and dozens others were injured, the Turkish Transport Minister said there were no casualties. The traffic on the airport is closed, as well as on the neighboring A9 highway.

Dutch publication de Volkskrant claims that the accidents was confirmed by an Amsterdam Airport official. Dozens of firefighters and ambulances are present at the scene of the accident while helicopters patrol the area.

Reuters announced that the accident caused the death of at least one person and 20 were injured but Turkish Transports minister Binali Yildrim and Turkish Airlines announced that nobody died. De Telegraaf announced a toll of 7 dead, 25 severely injured and 60 lightly injured.

RTLZ television informs, quoting one passenger, that the plane's back hit the ground first. Schiphol is the fifth biggest airport by size in Europe.

The accident is not the first to happen in Amsterdam. In 1992, a Boeing 747 pertaining to El Al crashed in a residential area in the city. 43 people lost their lives.