The Romanian Government passed on Wednesday the new Civil and Penal Procedure Codes, together with the new Penal Code. Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu will hold a press declaration on the issue after the government's meeting is over, PM Emil Boc announced.

The three codes passed by the government need to be approved by the Parliament. The three judicial Codes, plus the civil code will be on the agenda of two parliamentary commissions until May 15.

Democrat Liberal Gheorghe Flutur declared earlier this week that the main objective of the government was to adopt the four codes until June so that Romania could comply with EU norms and regulations.

The four codes were withdrawn from the Parliament by the Executive at the beginning of the year as the government argued that they should be assumed politically. The codes were finished in November last year and forwarded to the Parliament by the former Government.

PM Emil Boc added that the codes were in compliance with EU requirements and that Romania might determine the Union to lift the judicial monitoring by the end of the year. At his turn, Justice minister Catalin Predoiu declared that the new codes would be the premise of the modernization of the Romanian judiciary.

The Parliament and the civil society have enough time to submit amendments to the Codes, Predoiu explained. The projects, he added, are the result of a collective effort of judicial specialists who have been working in the Justice ministry for years.