The lawsuit in which former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase is accused of money laundering and illegally obtaining his 2004 electoral campaign funds was postponed until March 24. Nastase once again accused the fact that the case against him was built exclusively on political grounds and mentioned that there are 972 witnesses called to testify in the trial, therefore the entire process will take between nine and ten years.

Nastase's main statements:

- The trial is a piece of wretchedness sealed by president Basescu and the Anti-Graft head, Daniel Morar;

- The former Anti-Graft head had a file against president Basescu, but his hand must have been hurting when he was supposed to sign the documents accusing Basescu of a 300 million fraud against the Romanian state;

- Each time we shall meet, I will bring further evidence to discuss this political harassment;

- Your life isn't good after four years of Basescu's presidency.