The National Anti-Graft Prosecution Office (DNA) published its 2008 results on Friday. Chief-prosecutor Daniel Morar declared that the results were better in 2008, compared to the previous two years.

Morar's main statements, in brief:

- The European Commission appreciates our activity. The Commission's reports point at a positive evolution in the DNA activity;

- In 2008, the prosecutors had 3,959 cases on the roll, solving 2,300 of them;

- The number of notifications on corruption acts increased in 2008;

- The largest increase was noted into bribes to buy influence;

- 683 persons were sent to court in 2008, to face trial, compared to 415, in 2007;

- Out of the 683 persons, 410 have higher education and 284 occupied leading offices;

- There were 97 conviction sentences in 2008, including 2 high level prosecutors, 21 Police officers and sub-officers, 8 Defense Ministry officers and sub-officers, a Finance inspector, 5 lawyers, an Environment Ministry control official, an architect and others;

- Courts gave "not guilty" final verdicts for 23 persons.