Swiss Ambassador to Romania, Livio Hurzeler declared at the Bucuresti punkt Bonn talk show, organized by and Deutsche Welle, that Switzerland will not be affected by Romanian or Bulgarian immigrants. He declared that Romanians can travel without a visa in Switzerland since 2004 and there were no problems registered so far.

Hurzeler declared that Romanians are compelled to work only by contract and that Romanian gypsies will not be a problem in Switzerland because Romanians were allowed to enter the country since 2004.

The referendum is a good thing, as it improves bilateral relations and confirms the open mindedness of the Swiss towards Romanians and Bulgarians, Ambassador Livio Hurzeler explained. He added that Romanians could easily find a job in domains like IT, academia or engineering.

Hurzeler underlined that there are already many Romanian mathematicians who are working in Switzerland and also many famous musicians.